Marketing In the Digital Age

Marketing In the Digital Age

An introduction to the Digital Marketing World, Using strategic tools to get results.

The world of marketing is so vast and there are so many strategies it’s hard to know if you’re doing enough marketing and if it's working for you.

This two-day course gives you:

  • A better way to understand and connect with your customers
  • An actionable marketing plan to help focus your marketing
  • Key platforms and how to use them
  • Quick ways to build trust in your brand
  • How to budget for marketing

Marketing is nothing without a clear plan to guide you, this course takes you through how to build that plan with an actionable template you can fill in for your company and real-world examples. Outline your goals and build strategies that will help you achieve them.

Understand your customers better through profiling, build your detailed buyers personas to gain insight into your customers’ needs and problems. Find the platforms they use the most and understand how they use them, so you can too.

Dive into the world of social media and learn more about the platforms available to you, how they work and how to use them as a business.

Trust is everything in marketing, learn how to build trust in your brand quickly with easy to implement strategies that will help prospective customers trust you more.

Once you have completed this course you will have:

  • Better insights into your customers and how you can help them
  • The foundations of your marketing plan & Budget
  • A solid understanding of how to leverage social media for your brand
  • Strategies to build trust in your brand

What's included?

2 Quizzes
17 Texts
3 PDFs
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown
Marketing Instructor

About the instructor

Marketing is an ever-changing world, one that we all often get lost in. I started my journey in marketing two years ago helping my parents with a family business that was doing well but not growing. Online marketing was changing too quickly for my parents to keep up which was preventing the business from growing further.

After one year of Digital Marketing Strategy and development, we grew the business into a Designer Brand that has delivered to more than 25 countries worldwide.

I have always loved technology, after all, I am a millennial. But I had never found a job that used my love of technology and challenged me every day until I started marketing.

Marketing changes at an exponential rate in today's world, sometimes from week to week, and for me that has been the best challenge. In order to keep up with the volume of changes and stay ahead of the curve, I am continually learning and developing my own knowledge. With new developments like Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence advancing so quickly there’s always something new to learn and try out.

Seeing my parent’s business grow has inspired me to help others grow their own brands and better understand how digital marketing can help. I want to see the same growth in others and help them build a brand to be proud of.

In my downtime you will often find me playing computer games or spending time with my partner, usually watching something like Archer, the Blacklist or Black Mirror.

My dream is to build a company founded on the principle of getting people excited about marketing and making it fit them not the other way around. Let me help you get ahead in this ever-changing world and use my skills to enhance your business!

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